“Roots & Branches”

Previously known as Your Family Tree–THE GAME, “Roots and Branches” is a fun and creative way for families and friends to get to know and connect with each other and their family history.

With “Roots & Branches” you can turn family history into a PARTY! Perfect for Sundays, home evenings, reunions, and youth activities, this game will connect families with each other and their ancestors!  We even have two fun versions for you to choose from: our popular family board game and our convenient card game!

Fun Family Board Game!

With our board game, you have all the ingredients you need for family history FUN!

You play the game by rolling a handful of dice and moving along the roots and branches of a tree. By answering questions in four categories (Your Family, Your Ancestors, About You, and Nice to Know), players get the opportunity to share fun stories and experiences.

These stories create greater connections between a family and their ancestors.  Click to purchase board games.

Convenient Traveling Card Game!

Our card game allows you to play this fun game anywhere, anytime!

Keep a copy in your purse, your car, and on your kitchen counter.  You’ll find yourself reaching for the card game anytime you go to visit family members.

There’s no “end” to this game, and you can play it as long as you like!  Click to purchase card games.

Families Love Playing “Roots & Branches”!

Leila Elia: “This is a great non-competitive game for the whole family to learn about their ancestors and themselves.  I bought a game for each of my kids and will take them as I visit this summer.”

Olivia Jewell: “I bought your game probably 5-ish years ago and have told so many people about it.  We love the game in our house; the kids beg to play. I’m presenting at RootsTech, and I will definitely send people your way.”

Here’s a Sampling of the 100 Questions!

“NICE TO KNOW” Sample Questions

  • What famous person would you like to have as a guest for a day? (Living or Dead)
  • What’s your favorite place in your house?
  • What activity brings you close as a family?
  • Name one of your talents.
  • If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

“YOUR ANCESTORS” Sample Questions

  • If you could ask one of your ancestors for advice, who would it be and what would you ask?
  • Tell a dating story of an ancestor.
  • What is a favorite memory of one of your grandparents?
  • Share a story of an ancestor that has influenced your life.
  • What is a family saying that has passed down to you and you will pass on to the next generation?

“YOUR FAMILY” Sample Questions

  • What is your family most known for?
  • What was one of the best gifts you ever received from a family member?
  • What is a family tradition you want to carry on in your own family?
  • How would you use $10,000 right now so it would benefit your family?
  • If you had 15 seconds to brag about your mother, what would you say?

“ABOUT YOU” Sample Questions 

  • What scares you about the future?
  • After you die, what would you like to be remembered for?
  • What friendship would you miss the most if you were stranded on an island?
  • What activity helps you feel especially close to God?
  • What is your most cherished possession?

Connect With Your Family and Ancestors Today!
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