Roots & Branches


“Roots & Branches,” previously known as “Your Family Tree–THE GAME”, is a fun and creative way for families and friends to get to know and connect with each other and their family history. “Roots & Branches” is a board game (a card-only game is also available) created by the parent company “The Connections Games”. It is played by rolling a handful of dice and moving along the roots and branches of a tree. By answering questions in four categories:  Your Family, Your Ancestors, About You, and Nice to Know, players get the opportunity to share fun stories and experiences. These stories and experiences are what create greater connections between a family and their ancestors.

Testimonials about the game:

Leila Elia: “This is a great non-competitive game for the whole family to learn about their ancestors and themselves.  I bought a game for each of my kids and will take them as I visit this summer.”
Olivia Jewell:  “I bought your game probably 5-ish years ago and have told so many people about it.  We love the game in our house; the kids beg to play. I’m presenting at RootsTech, and I will definitely send people your way.”