“Did You Know…”

The latest game from The Connections Games, “Did You Know…” is the perfect card game for dates getting to know each other, roommates connecting, small groups breaking the ice, and families adding excitement to their after-dinner chat time!

Forget the small talk… grab a card from the “Did You Know…” deck and REALLY get to know your friends and family members! Perfect for all the casual moments in your life like dates, hanging out, family dinners, and long car trips. We even have two fun versions for you to choose from: our convenient card game and our new card game packet!  

Convenient Traveling Card Game!

Our card game allows you to play this fun game anywhere, anytime!  Keep a deck in your game closet, your car, and even your purse and get ready to connect!

You play the game by answering questions in five categories: Bon-Appétit, Dating, Nice 2 Know, Adventure, and Pop Culture. Soon you’ll be laughing and sharing and wishing the game could go on forever. Click to purchase card games.

New Card Game Packet!

Now you have 6 new ways to play the game based on WHO you’re playing with, such as: Family, Friends, Young Marrieds, Dating, Large Parties, and even Seniors! Click Here To See a New Sample Way To Play for FAMILIES!

Whether you’re at home or away, be sure you always have your cards to play! Click to purchase card game packets.


Joy Plaisance: “When we finished playing the game, my teenage daughter said, “Can we play it again!?!”  My kids love this game!  We play it at all of our family get-togethers and even right before dinner when I’m cooking!”

Here’s a Sampling of the 50 Questions!

“ADVENTURE” Sample Questions

  • What experience has changed your life?
  • What is the dumbest thing you have ever done?

“NICE 2 KNOW” Sample Questions

  • What was the worst or best adventure you have done?
  • What three things would you bring if you were on a deserted island?

“BON-APPETIT” Sample Questions

  • What is the best dish you can cook?
  • What kind of chocolate do you prefer: white, milk, or dark?

“POP-CULTURE” Sample Questions

  • What is your number one guilty pleasure TV show?
  • Who is your celebrity crush?

“DATING” Sample Questions

  • Who has influenced your life the most?
  • What do you take for granted?

Connect With Your FRIENDS AND FAMILY Today!
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