The Connections Games

In the Fall of 2012 Doug and Carol Ladle used their passion for family history to develop Roots and Branches (formerly called Your Family Tree–THE GAME), a board game that connect families with each other and with their ancestors. Roots and Branches is a game that is entertaining, fun for all ages, and unites its players with each other and their family history in a way they never imagined.

The Ladles have also created a new game geared towards a generation that loves to keep things fun and casual. “Did you know…” is a card game that can be played anytime, anywhere.  Just hand out the cards and starting connecting with surprising answers, stifled giggles, and raised eyebrows. You will discover things about each other you never knew.  Did You Know . . . will connect everybody in the group.

With their games “Did you know…” and “Roots and Branches” you can have hours and hours of fun getting to know family and friends, new and old!